The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

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Replace your old colaboration model with this one

This is the behavioral model of curlture.

The best group performance comes when you -as a group- are cohesive, cooperative, agile.

Don’t think in terms of “values”, “mission”, “accountability” but in any warmer, fuzzy terms, that will reinforce your group 3 fundamental signals:

  1. we are SAFEly connected
  2. we SHARE accurate information
  3. we know which WAY/ DIRECTION we move

What troubles your team?

Having problems with belonging/engagement?
You should focus on flooding the zone with signals of safety and connection.

Have a problem with giving good feedback and sharing the truth?
Focus on signaling vulnerability and openness.

Have a problem of choosing between competing priorities?
Focus on filling your peoples’ windshield with signals of the group’s story and purpose.

Your group’s culture doesn’t depend on who you are; it depends on what you do.

How to Think About Culture

Key Ideas

  1. Weak group cultures tend to neglect interactions and focus solely on skills.
  2. The foundation of a strong group lies in cultivating an innate sense of safety and belonging.

  3. Let people know that you know you aren’t perfect, and that you’re listening to them.

  4. If you want your group to perform at its highest possible level, it’s pertinent that you share your vulnerabilities.

  5. Clearly communicate the expectation that group members will cooperate, and show your vulnerabilities to lead the way.

  6. The secret to unlocking great group performance is to establish a shared sense of purpose.

  7. Repetition is the key to creating a sense of purpose. Don’t shy away from corny slogans!

26 minutes audio summary