Improving the logistics process for an eCommerce website

Doubling the number of orders processed daily with the same number of employees

The Client
The customer was using a JustInTime system that involves minimum stocks (generally accumulated from returns) for distribution on multiple eCommerce channels. All the resources were fully used at the time of our intervention in the company.

The Task
Maximizing the use of company resources

Our Strategy
When taking over the role of a leading consultant over the logistics and financial process by Think Revolution, the customer was making the most of the departments' oversight resources. After careful assessment and several successive reorganization iterations, the company managed to double the number of orders it could manage (acquisition, storage, packaging, labeling, delivery, tracking, return/ refund, etc.) with the same resources. Doubling resource efficiency has, however, been limited by the immutable criteria such as logistic space and access to capital. These last two approaches would have resulted in an increase in logistic resource yield to 2.3.

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The Area
Our Services
Business Process Optimization, Business Strategy, Business Synergies

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