Improving the cash management process

4.3% of the company's profits were obtained by correcting the erroneous cash management process

The Client
The customer is responsible for the sales of the leading European packaging manufacturer for construction materials manufacturers. The customer acquisition went without impediments, but our client was suffering too much in the cash management process. The cost has been difficult to assess in the first decade analyzed (2008-2018).

The Task
Optimizing Business Processes in the Financial Department

Our Strategy
We have evaluated all downstream and upstream processes in the finance department and, as a result of the analysis we observed a very poor cash management process. After consolidating the 10-year aggregate costs, we determined the correct liquidity management process and finally, after evaluating potential new suppliers, we assisted the customer in the process of choosing the supplier, implementing and adapting the recommendations and procedures to the combined customer and supplier systems. Our work was completed by an audit of implementation and benefits.

The Industry
Packaging for manufacturers of building materials
The Area
Our Services
Business Process Optimization, Wealth Management

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