Business Performance Booster
Think Revolution is a consulting and solutions provider company that boosts your business performance.

Companies are different by size, age or industry, but they all operate based on processes. Use of processes help them respond to customer demand, finally getting things done. These processes   lose out relevance or flexibility, with time, becoming complicated, or incomplete. If no quick action is taken business losses competitiveness and is burning-out.

We make the modeling, remodeling, and optimizing of the processes in your company. We, then, attune the costs so the business evolves more performing, more successful.

The best services
Each of our services is perfectly suited to the needs of a business from the incipient phase to the plateau stage and beyond.

Business Strategy

We advance our clients' businesses to triumph, making each step a commendable victory, and also paying attention to every detail
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Capital Allocation

From the wealth of opportunities surrounding your business we hit the ONE that adequate use resources and maximize the results.
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Business Process Optimization

We choose for each activity the order and the right tool for optimal deployment.
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Completed Projects
History of Think Revolution
We enjoy adapting our strategies to assist every client with the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.


The industry's euphoria leads us to diversify into the banking system


Diversification into investment funds and agriculture


Diversification towards constructions, events, food, etc.


The second client enters restructuring
The company pays the debts in 2 years and returns to profit


The first project of recovering a company
The company pays all its debts and returns to profit within 3 years


The first project to optimize a procurement department


The first project to optimize telecommunication services


First project: building a logistics department