100+ Scrum Retrospectives

stefan February 19, 2020 0 Comments

Every week/ month we get toghether [with Retrium] to do a

  1. Start, Stop, Continue [Templates]
  2. Glad, Sad, Mad
  3. WADE – most used
    What     – Capture Events Without Judgement
    Analog  – Introduce Evaluation & Relative Weighting
    (Went Well and Not So Well, Can and Cannot Control)
    Digital   – Convert the Relative Classifications Into Categories
    Execute – Take the Right Action
  4. KALM
    Keep  – the team is doing well and you recognize the value on it.
    Add  – a new idea, or something you have seen working before that you would like to bring to the table.
    Less   – already being done; but you rather do less of it.
    More – already being done; and you believe will bring more value if done even more.
  5. The 4 L’s (Liked, Lacked/Loathed, Learned, Longed for)
  6. Quick retrospective (Ideas, Actions Good, Bad)
  7. Sailboat (Wind is helping team. Anchor is delaying team. Island is the goal. Underwater rocks are risks.)
  8. Speed Car
    Engine: What have been pushing us forward? Making us move faster?
    Parachute: What have been slowing us down?
  9. Another 40 ones
  10. Finally 30-36 more
  11. And www.funretrospectives.com
  12. Pizza retrospective with just pizza
  13. SSC – Start, Stop and ContinueAsk team members what they would start, stop and continue doing
  14. My personal best
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly … and the Beauty
    The Good is what worked
    The Bad is what did not worked
    The Ugly is what must get better
    The Beauty is what we would like to do